About Us

Is it accurate to say that you are a NonVeg-Lover other who asks why new over-the-counter meat is never fully as supple as eatery admission? Someone who fancies shopping for fresh meat however is put off by the adventure to an unsanitary, fly-plagued market? Somebody who settles for practically hygienic meat on the grounds that there is by all accounts no option?


Possibly it's chance you experienced the new meat experience called eHalaal.com. We're meat-significant others serving meat-mates.


eHalaal.com is a way incredible idea up in the Indian Food industry; went for tackling the lastingly existing issue of discovering delectable, trustworthy fresh meat in India. We are caught up with building a world-class endeavor that will undoubtedly redesign the way we get, offer, purchase and devour meat in India.


At eHalaal.com we guarantee that your request is high on ideal flavor and freshness, hand-cut by our master butchers, safely packed, and delivered in 90 minutes—fresh to your door. eHalaal.com goes for being the first and final resort for the greater part of your meat yearnings - be it new delicious delicate chicken, or succulent goat or sheep chops or fresh fish.


The eHalaal.com has set their eyes on only one mission - 'putting a smile all over by giving you only the best, from homestead to fork! The brand gives you access to crisp, top notch, premium meat, at whatever point you need it.


Our central goal is to continue increasing current standards of the customer crisp meat involvement in India.


Once you've experienced eHalaal.com and its reliable, customized client administrations, you'll never do a reversal to the way you used to purchase meat some time recently.


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